First time to Paris?

Wondering what to wear, pack, or how to get around, how to get money? Concerned about everything you’ve heard about the French being rude—is it fact or fiction? How will you know what, or where – or when – to eat?  Worrying about accidentally ordering raw meat, brains, kidneys?

Second or third time to Paris?

Stymied at why you got the cold shoulder from…the taxi driver, the sales person at the cute boutique in the Marais…in the boulangerie?  Perplexed on ordering water—bubbly, still, sparkling?  Thinking about renting an apartment for your Paris stay but worried about pitfalls though thoroughly enchanted by the idea?  Looking at walking or food tours in Paris and curious what you get and which ones are best?

Worry no more.

Whether you, you and your partner, girlfriends/guy friends, or cycling group are heading to France—or Paris—pick a class that makes sense for you. In every class we will cover the 4 key prep areas for preparing for Paris—everything from mental prep (attitude adjustment) to navigating café culture versus restaurant culture. In every class we cover key areas for preparing for Paris—but the more time you have, the more time we will spend: • Mental Prep (French customs, life philosophies, personal space issues) • Travel Prep (packing, money, data usage, train ) • Transportation Prep (getting to Paris, getting around, getting back to the airport) • The Main Point Prep (food, wine, water – ordering, and what not to order)


Learn More About Classes Offered. If you want to access some free resources, go to the blog and read about how to prepare for Paris and learn stories from other travelers.